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This Week!

Here's some more detailed information about what we're getting up to this week!

Thursday's Social - The Nottingham House

Thursday 23rd March 2017

Time for a blurb about the Notty House, which basically centres around pies, drink and possibly games! Committee will also be there early from 6pm to have a pie and to answer any questions if you’d like to help run the club next year – why not give it a try? Meeting from 8:30pm onwards as usual.

Where's the Pub? Map Link Here!

Saturday's Walk - GIAG - Derwent Valley

Saturday 25th March 2017

Note: This is a ticketed Give It A Go event with limited spaces. For tickets, try buying at the SU Box Office, or check this web link (Ticket cost: £3 for anyone including members, except £1 for Reslife people).

On Saturday 25th March we will be walking along the Derwent Valley, both along the river itself and up Froggatt Edge which will offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The walk will be 12km (7.5 miles) long. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the conditions on the day and be prepared if they change.

We recommend that you bring a waterproof jacket and trousers (not jeans) along with sun cream if necessary. Please also bring plenty of water and a packed lunch as we will be stopping for lunch along the way. We will be catching the train to the start, which will cost around £4.60 (or around £3.05 if you have a railcard) – this is not included in the ticket price. Only those with tickets will be allowed on the walk due to safety.

Meet at Sheffield Train Station – under the departure board. Please wear appropriate footwear (no canvas shoes) and no jeans. Bring waterproofs if needed! Participants will also need to bring money for train, lunch, water and any snacks for the day.

Length: 7.5 miles (12 km)

Where/When to Meet: 09:30, at Sheffield Train Station under the departure boards.

Cost: The train costs £3.05 if you have a railcard (or £4.60 if you don’t have a railcard).

Return Time to Sheffield: 17:00

Sunday's Walk - No Walk Today, Sorry!

Sunday 26th March 2017

As it's Mother's Day Today we won't have enough leaders around to lead a walk so Saturday will be our only one this weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Bar Crawl - Next Thursday!

Thursday 30th March 2017

Dissertation - done. Lab project - done. Will to party - never done (ask a post-grad!). In a slight deviation from our usual pub outing, we'll be jumping around at CODE on the last social before easter! We'll be crawling down the bars of West St beforehand so feel free to join us just for this bit if CODE isn't your thing - we'll be meeting at 8.30pm as usual at the Doctor's Orders and from there we'll be moving on to Bloo 88 and the Frog and Parrot before hittin' the club. We’ll be posting on Facebook when we’re moving on to the next venue. See you there!

AGM - After Easter

Thursday 27th April 2017

This will take place during our usual Social slot at The Red Deer from 8:30pm onwards.

It's that time of year again for our Annual General Meeting! For those of you that don't know, it's the point when we meet up and elect our committee for the following academic year. So if you enjoy the club and want to have a positive impact on its future then come along to vote, or if you're really keen and want to help out yourself carry on reading to find out what positions you can run (we might need some help filling slots this year!) Either way it's at one of the club’s favourite pubs, The Red Deer, and is combined with our weekly Thursday social at 8;30 pm on Thursday 27th April. So come along for a good chat, a few drinks and a relaxing break from work.

Details on running for committee:

So you want to be on committee do you? Good for you! You're making the right choice by reading the rest of this email. Not only is being on committee a rewarding experience, but you get to decide how the club is run as well as help plan everything from our usual weekly walks and socials, to our more unusual walks (like the Night Walk), exciting trips (like our Easter Trip to the Lake District) and social events (like the Summer BBQ). Being on the committee also strengthens your teamwork, communication and organisational skills, which look great on your CV and makes your more employable, which is especially important in this competitive job market.

There are many different roles you can run for, each requiring different skills and workloads, so there is something to suit everyone. Don't worry though, being on committee is not a massive commitment and understand that people can be quite busy with other things, such as your degree too! We're quite relaxed (we always have a laugh and a few biscuits at our committee meetings) and try to work together to help each other out. If you get elected all the roles listed below will be taught to you by this year’s committee, so you needn't worry about not knowing what to do.

If you're interested, look through the roles in this document and decide which role(s) you want to run for. Then write your name against the respective role(s) you have chosen in this google document by Monday 24th April at 5:30 pm. You can run for up to a maximum of two roles, and will need to do a short speech (only about a minute long) on the day saying why you'd be suited for the job and why people should vote for you. Note that the roles of treasurer, secretary and president are only open to full time University of Sheffield students for the 2017/2018 academic year.

If you can't make it on the day for whatever reason, please reply to this email and we'll see what we can do (we may be able to read out your speech for you on the day, but of course attending in person is preferred). Can you help us out? Thanks!

Easter Trip!

We've announced the dates and location of our Easter Trip on the Trips Page.